Digital platforms

AP's digital presence is wide-reaching across a variety of formats and platforms. From premium advertising on our flagship AP News site and app to native and high impact advertising across our network of hundreds of websites, we'll create a promotion plan tailored to your needs.

AP News website and app

AP News website and app

Reach a valuable audience with native and display ads on AP News — our flagship platform available across desktop, mobile, tablet and Apple Watch. The AP News website and mobile app deliver up-to-the-minute breaking U.S. and international news, plus sports and entertainment coverage, lifestyle content, immersive photos galleries and more.

Email newsletter

Extend your brand's reach to a highly informed readership through display advertising in the AP Morning Wire newsletter, which features AP’s spot, enterprise and investigative journalism and provides a behind-the-scenes look at our newsgathering process.

Email newsletter
Podcasts and audio

Podcasts and audio

Speak to your audience through post-roll advertising within AP's digital audio newscasts. Our three-minute flagship newscast and our one-minute “Newswatch” both feature a summary of the day’s top stories. AP's newscasts are accessible from a variety of platforms, including major smart speaker services, key audio sites and podcast aggregators.

Further engage with listeners through spots during AP's Top 25 College Football and Pro Football podcasts, which provide unmatched insights and commentary both in-season and off.

Social media

Extend your reach with targeted promotion from AP’s accounts across Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Twitter. We will optimize your campaign to your objectives, while reaching the most appropriate audience for your message.

Social media

Native ad network

The AP Content Services native ad offering provides a seamless user experience, delivering branded content in-stream on desktop, mobile and tablet. With our native ad network, custom content and advertiser-provided content will run over a wide network of 240-plus trusted news sites and mobile apps, adapted to the look and function of the surrounding content and served directly in each site or app’s editorial feed.

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The San Diego Union-Tribune
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Undertone creates memorable ad experiences by thoughtfully orchestrating solutions across rich media, video, advanced TV and social, to drive unmatched brand lift and engagement on virtually every screen and every device. Brands have the ability to amplify their AP campaigns using Undertone's high impact, digital ad formats, custom built to incorporate a topic sponsorship or custom content.

The high impact formats will be served across Undertone's premium publisher network, which reaches 208M+ people every month. Click below to see how Regions Bank used Undertone's formats to amplify their sponsorship of AP's “One Good Thing” hub.


The Content Services group is separate from the AP newsroom. While sponsorship arrangements are available surrounding AP's news coverage, these do not include any brand influence or oversight of the coverage. AP Content Services' custom brand storytelling projects, conversely, do not involve AP editorial staff and do invite brand input and review.