About AP Content Services

AP Content Services is the dedicated content marketing and advertising service of The Associated Press. We work with brands to connect their stories with influential audiences.

Who we are

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Our worldwide network of photographers, film crews and writers allows us to build teams tailored for projects of any size, nearly anywhere in the world. The depth of industry knowledge, global facilities and wide distribution network of AP Content Services will ensure that — whatever the job, wherever the location — we’ll create and distribute content that resonates with your brand’s audience.


More than half the world’s population sees AP content every single day. AP Content Services has direct relationships with more than 3,900 media organizations globally, with the ability to deliver your content in all formats to the biggest broadcasters, newspapers, magazines and websites.


From drone photography and videography to digital interactives, 360-degree video, virtual reality and 3D modeling, we collaborate with our clients to develop custom projects using the most cutting-edge media technologies.


With AP's news principles guiding all of our work, AP Content Services upholds the newsroom's long-held reputation for integrity and accuracy. From alignments with news editorial to bespoke content created by AP Content Services for your brand, all of our collaborations uphold AP’s core values as a trusted source of informative content.

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What we offer


Promote your brand on AP’s web and mobile news properties with placements alongside breaking stories and continuing coverage of top news from around the world. Extend your reach through social, native and high-impact advertising across our extended network.

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Editorial sponsorship

Position your brand alongside AP's unrivaled reporting through a 100% share of voice "presented by" sponsorship of a topic, event coverage, a special series or an editorial fixture. Promote the alignment with co-branded traffic drivers, social promotion, custom high-impact units and more.

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Custom content

Create new multiformat content — or curate and license existing material — to help you increase brand awareness, build user engagement and generate more revenue. AP Content Services creates and distributes photos, videos, articles, infographics, interactives, 360-degree/3D content and more.

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Media distribution

Utilize AP's network of media subscribers to create a unique distribution plan that increases your visibility. Your content will be integrated into our delivery platforms and be made instantly available to our global network of media customers for potential pickup.

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The Associated Press

Advancing the power of facts

The Associated Press is an independent global news organization dedicated to factual reporting. Founded in 1846, AP today remains the most trusted source of fast, accurate, unbiased news in all formats and the essential provider of the technology and services vital to the news business.


For more information, visit www.ap.org.

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The Content Services group is separate from the AP newsroom. While sponsorship arrangements are available surrounding AP's news coverage, these do not include any brand influence or oversight of the coverage. AP Content Services' custom brand storytelling projects, conversely, do not involve AP editorial staff and do invite brand input and review.